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Most loved Hindu baby Boy Names with Meanings

Congratulations on having such a beautiful baby. Now, it’s time to prepare for the “Naamkaran” ceremony for your cute little one. Yes, we understand there is still one difficult task left for you right now, “to find the best Hindu baby boy name” for your baby. Don’t worry, that is where we will help you.

Choosing a hindu baby name isn’t easy, but it sure is fun:

Choosing a name for your baby is not easy at all, you may already be realizing it right? There are so many people coming at you with suggestions, your friends and relatives must be texting you with different names implying that you should choose theirs. The dadi (grandmother) wants a classic Hindu boy name for the baby, and you want a modern and unique Indian name for your boy. Don’t worry, we are going to help you clear your mind and choose from the best of the Hindu baby names for a boy.

What kind of Hindu baby name do you want?

Let’s calm you down and bring more clarity to your thoughts. What is it that you sought after the most? Do you want a Hindu baby name that reflects some historical legend, maybe a warrior? Or do you want a modern and unique Indian baby name for boys that reflects the intellect, smartness and success of its name-bearer? Maybe you would like to name your baby after a religious figure so as to show your deep love for your religion?

Hindu Feature Boy names

Don’t hesitate consulting with your loved ones:

The sooner you clear thoughts and decide what kind of name you want, the easier it will be for you to decide on a beautiful Hindu baby name for a boy. Don’t worry about it. You will not be missing anything. We have listed down a large variety of classic, modern, traditional and unique Indian names for boys. You just simply have to go through the list of the Hindu baby names with meanings and shortlist 5 or 10 of the most promising Hindu baby names. After that, you can simply sit with your spouse and decide on one name.

Ask help from scholars:

You can also consult with your Pundit (sage) to suggest the characteristics of the name that will suit your baby the best. Once you have gathered all the information about the customs and traditions of a name, you can simply come back and sift through he website to find the best matching Hindu baby name for boy.

Think multiple times before finalizing a Hindu baby name:

In the last, we would like to suggest you that while people may be bombarding you with questions like, “what Hindu baby name is it going to be?” or “have you taken my suggestion?” But don’t think of it as a responsibility but more of a delightful task which you have to do for your beloved son.