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Chinese Baby Girl Names

Chines Baby Girls Names

We have the most popular Chinese girl names in English & Chinese

Being a parent, it is one of the most delightful responsibilities for you to choose a unique Chinese name for baby girl. We know things might be too hassle up right now. You’d be having so many visits, calls and messages. Everyone would be coming over to give you blessings and meet with the young girl. But trust me, this is the right time to get things started up. The more you delay it, the more it’ll feel like more of a responsibility and less of a delightful experience. Don’t worry, we are here to help you choose a unique Chinese name for your baby girl.

What should you look for in a unique Chinese girl name?

Basically, it is believed that the right name for your baby girl will bring good luck, prosperity and happiness to your little angel. Of course, it might take some time, but it’ll be definitely worth it. Chinese girl names with characters are formed by joining together different characters. These characters show the name of the family and the given name to your baby girl. Don’t worry, for everyone’s convenience, we also have adorable Chinese girl names in English on our website.

The tradition for popular Chinese girl names for baby girl:

Mostly, parents either meet an astrologer and request them to suggest a name, or they can shortlist a small Chinese girl names list and then decide upon one by consulting with their family and an astrologer. Chinese culture dates back to more than 5000 years and it isn’t wrong to say that a majority of people still love to follow their tradition despite the country they are living in. However, the most followed upon tradition is still prominent in Mainland China. In some countries like USA, UK and Europe, people like to follow the modern culture as well and that is why we have also listed popular Chinese girl names in English.

Biblical Feature Girl names

A Great name: Your first gift to the baby:

Deciding and giving your little angel her name is going to be the first gift to her from her parents. This name is going to stay with her forever and she’ll thank you for it later. But the more you’ll put off this task, the more difficult it’ll become for you to do it later. So, let’s just clear your mind of thoughts and decide what kind of unique Chinese girl name do you want for your daughter? Do you want to name her after a famous author? Or a famous scientist? Or a lovable historical figure? The sooner you make up your mind about the characteristics of the unique Chinese girl name for baby girl, the easier it’ll be for you to decide.

Relax and let us help:

So, simply grab a cup o’ coffee, paper and pen & your spouse. Scroll down to find the list of Chinese girl names with characters in Chinese and English. Once you have sifted through the list, you’d have some of the favorite Chinese baby girl names jotted down. Now you just need to consult with your family and decide on one.