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Dig up Unique Muslim Names along with Surnames

2021-01-30 18:56:53

Surname connects with identity:

Before starting the importance of Surname & family, you ought to know about Surname first. Surname is the identity of every family member from which they belong. Surname is derived from two words Surname which means suffix & prefix of names.  
Surname is mostly originated by male ancestors. It has origin of father of family. It’s used as suffix and prefix as patronymic with the actual Baby boy & girl name. 

Everyone is knotted with family: 

Family plays a key role is our lives. As you know, life is unexpected without family. No one can imagine life to live without the family. Your Unique baby names must b linked with it. That’s the only niche that links the every member of family. You celebrate your ease & grieve with your family & they support you as well in every rough & tough time of your life. You’re supposed t...

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Choose the Popular Muslim Name for your Baby Boy

2021-01-28 22:52:00

Islam: A treasure of Good names

Islam has pure essence in every field of life. It has pure representation of righteousness & purity. Reflection of purity must be seen in your baby boy life so it needs to start from its Muslim names. Being Muslims, we should show a true identity of Islamic values. What if it starts from your baby’s name? A right Muslim baby boy name would have a reflection of your child’s personality. A unique baby name with wonderful meaning has a great influence on individual’s personality. 

Quranic instructions for naming :

“Don’t Call them with bad names.” Islam is a complete religion with complete guidance & it has treasure of beautiful & unique baby names. We are blessed to have Quran in our life. Holy Quran is the best source of Quranic Muslim names. There’re lots of best Muslim names are found in it. In Holy book,...

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No 1 collection of Unique Muslim Baby Name for your Cutie Pies in Arabic

2021-01-26 21:34:43


We congratulate you with the deep core of our heart for having the cutest baby in your life. May it live a blessed life!

Having a baby in one’s life is more than any other blessings. Parents want to give their child the best life & they start this promising journey by giving them a beautiful identity-their Baby Names. It&rsquo's an amazing moment when you give someone a name. We make this moment easier by providing a great selection & good collection of unique baby names. 

Why Naming is important:

We want to be called with good names. It’s said in Quran, “ Call them with Good Names.” It means selecting unique baby names is an Islamic Obligation. There’s necessary to select superCool & catchy names for your loved ones when they born. If you’re conferred with this sacred responsibility of naming someone, you ought to give your best...

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Get Popular Muslim Baby Names Collection 2021 | Sweet Baby Names

2021-01-20 18:20:39

Do you know what sounds really easy but is actually quite difficult? It is “Finding a unique Muslim Baby Names for your newborn”. Firstly, please accept our heartily wishes on becoming a parent. It is undoubtedly one of the most joyful experiences of one’s life. Everyone would be congratulating you right now. But, they would also be asking a similar question repeatedly, “What kind of Islamic Name are you going to choose for your baby?”.

Choosing a Baby Name is quite Difficult

Well, to be honest, choosing a popular Muslim baby name is quite difficult. There are lots of them. In fact, every Islamic name is so beautiful that you would be confused about which baby name to choose. But wait. You really don’t have to worry about it. Not anymore. Now that you have landed on the right page, we are going to dedicatedly help you not only...

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Top 5 Tips to Choose a Popular & Unique Baby Name

2021-01-17 21:25:03

What’s one of the most difficult and exciting thing to do after you become a Mother? Yes, you guessed it right. “Finding a wonderful baby name for your newborn.” There is no denying the fact that finding a baby name is a time-taking process and you should invest a lot of thought when looking for a name. However, without proper help, you may find the process a bit difficult and may be tedious. That is why, we at Sweet Baby Names want to help you find a popular baby name without having to spend restless nights surfing on the internet or books.

Congratulations Mom

Firstly, please accept our heartily wishes on becoming a parent. We can relate to your experience. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you must be euphoric right now. There must be a surge of joy and happiness flowing in you whenever you have a look at your baby. To double your happiness (and be a part of it) we have researched and found many beautifu...

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We help parents find the most unique Christian baby names

2021-01-13 13:40:35

We have always thought about helping parents find the best Christian baby names for their newborns. Finally, by starting this website, we have made it. We understand how difficult it is to find a unique baby name amid so many other responsibilities. That is why, we are here to make your life easy and getting your baby a name easier.

Are you confused choosing from hundreds of Christian names?

Finding a cute baby name is more difficult than it sounds. With you already subdued by the responsibilities of becoming a recent parent, you may find it really difficult to browse through thousands of baby names waiting for a name to just click. Honestly, the more names you will look, the more you will find yourself confused. That is why we have tried to keep the lists minimal for you. We have researched and kept only the most unique, popular and amazing baby names filtered from thousands of names.

Your search for the best Christian baby name


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Best Muslim Baby Names for 2021 | How to Choose?

2021-01-11 08:05:34

2020 brought us many uncertain events. Thankfully, it has ended and with the beginning of 2021, we want to congratulate you both for the new year and for the new addition to your family. If you are expecting or gave birth to a cute little angel recently, you must be worried about choosing an elegant Muslim baby name for your child. Do not worry. This is where your search for an amazing baby name ends.

The process can be a bit confusing:

There are literally hundreds of thousands of baby names in the world. These names are often derived from different cultures, traditions, trends and other customs. Often we see a new baby name suddenly gaining popularity around the world due to the fame of its bearer. These are normally trendy baby names that may settle after a while. At the same time, many parents love to show respect to their ancestors by choosing classic baby names. All in all, the whole “baby naming” process can be a bit confusing...

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Islamic Names | Religious Muslim Baby Names 2021

2021-01-06 19:40:20

Our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) has advised us to choose Muslim Names that are well-meaning. He has also advised us to not mock or twist names.Twisting baby names can be extremely damaging to any child’s personality. As it is seen in some developing countries where parents and relatives twist their baby names for so long that twisted name becomes the identity of that child.Being Muslim parents,it is our responsibility to only choose righteous Islamic baby names that reflect honor, integrity, and respect towards our child’s personality.

Islam: A Complete Guide

Islam is a vast yet complete religion.It has guidance for its followers in every manner of life.The same is true when it comes to choosing a popular Muslim name for your baby. If you’re expecting or gave birth to a newborn recently, you must be looking for a unique baby name that will suit your baby’...

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1000 Best Muslim Baby Boy & Girl Names for Your Angel

2021-01-04 20:21:24

Islam is full of Islamic names that can shower blessings on a person and help him lead a righteous life. These Muslim baby names are popular around the world. Many Muslim parents prefer to show their love of Islam by choosing well-meaning names for their babies. A name isn’t just your first gift to your baby but also her first and foremost identity. One cannot disagree with the fact that names are the most identifiable aspect of a personality. There are personalities that you have never met but have heard their names due to their accomplishments. This, then, is the true power of a name.

Our Heartily Wishes to You:

Firstly, we would like to congratulate you on becoming a parent. This, undoubtedly, is one of the most beautiful experiences in a person’s life. The small gestures, glowing smile and peaceful sleep simply fills your life with colors. Everyone would want to hold your baby in arms and enjoy his company. But...

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Super Moms! Let’s find Your Son a Popular Baby Name

2021-01-02 20:04:36

Dear Parents,

This article will not sound like a typical one you normally find on the internet. And there is a reason for that. We at Sweet Baby Names have intended and tried to make this piece of writing express our gratitude, love and respect for you because you have chosen us to help you find one of the most unique, charming and popular baby name for your cute little prince. Believe us, that is why this site exists, “to help you find a uniquely beautiful name” for your newborn.

You Have Just Become a Super Hero

To become a parent is to become no less than a “Super Mom” or “Super Dad” in itself. You have to wake up multiple times at night, play with him, leave work early to take him to doctors and many other responsibilities. But all of it will be worth it when you will see your baby smiling. But before all of this, there is another great responsibility that res...

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